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Riptide® Rolling
Deck Pool Cover

For the designer look and total ease of use, it must be a Riptide® Rolling Deck. Once your pool is recessed into your space, the Roller deck is positioned on top, which, until you remove the deck completely, hides your pool. Our rolling decks are available in both manual and automatic formats. Both formats fit over your pool, insulating it and keeping the water lovely, clean, and safe from anyone falling in. The framework rolls on special tracks to either take the deck off long ways or sideways, depending on your requirements.

Rolling decks are available for swim spas, hot tubs & spas, and exercise pools. Each one is custom-made to order.

Riptide rolling deck in mountain garden area

Current Stock

  • In Stock: Rolling Cover for 144″ x 94″ Swim Spa -Sold
  • In Stock: Rolling Cover for 94″ x 94″ Hot Tub -Sold

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